Curriculum Details

Curriculum Name: BJP_CLONE
Issued Date:

38 subjects, 140 credits
SubjectCodeSubject NameSemesterNoCreditPreRequisite
VOV114Vovinam 1preparation time2 
 Traditional musical instrumentpreparation time3 
JPD112Elementary Japanese 116 
JPD122Elementary Japanese 216 
SSL101Academic Skills for University Success13None
VOV124Vovinam 212 VOV114, VOV113
JPD222Japanese Pre-Intermediate 126Passed JPD112&JPD122
JPD223Japanese Pre-Intermediate 226Passed JPD112&JPD122
SSG102Working in Group23 
VOV134Vovinam 322VOV124, VOV123
JPD322Intermediate Japanese 136Passed JPD222&JPD223 or equi.
JPD323Intermediate Japanese 236Japanese Language major: Passed JPD222&JPD223 or equi. Other majors: JPD322 (=4/10) or equi.
JPD324Intermediate Japanese 346Passed JPD322&JPD323 or equi.
JPD325Intermediate Japanese 446Passed JPD322&JPD323 or equi.
LTG203Introduction to linguistics - Dẫn luận ngôn ngữ43 
JLI301Interpretation 153JPD325
JLT301Translation 153JPD325
JPG301Japanese Vocabulary and Grammar53JPD325
JPC301Japanese Culture and Literature53JPD325
SYB301Start Your Business53 
OJT201On the job training610 
JP_COM*.1Option 173 
JLI401Interpretation 273JPD325
JLT401Translation 273JPD325
JIT491Japanese for JLPT73JPD325
JP_COM*.2Option 273 
JLR301Research Method83JPD325
MLN111Philosophy of Marxism – Leninism 83 
MLN121Political economics of Marxism – Leninism - Kinh tế chính trị Mác - Lênin82 
ENW492Writing research papers - Kĩ năng viết bài nghiên cứu83 
JP_COM*.3Option 383 
JP_COM*.4Option 483 
JP_COM*.5Option 593 
MLN131Scientific socialism92 
VNR202The History of CPV92 
HCM201Ho Chi Minh Ideology92MLN101
JPT491Graduation Thesis - Khoá luận tốt nghiệp95