Curriculum Details

Curriculum Name: Graphic Design-Thiết kế đồ họa
Issued Date: 10/5/2017
Description: Free Elective 1 & 2

ADI201 Thiết kế thương hiệu(Brand Identity Design)
ADB201 Thiết kế sách(Book Design)
ADP201 Thiết kế bao bì(Packaging Design)
DGP201 Vẽ kỹ thuật số(Digital Painting)

49 subjects, 140 credits
SubjectCodeSubject NameSemesterNoCreditPreRequisite
ENT104Top Notch 1-20 
ENT203Top Notch 2-10Passed ENT10x
ENT303Top Notch 3-10Passed ENT203
ENT403Summit 100Passed ENT303
ENT503Summit 200Passed ENT403
VNC101Vietnamese Cultural12 
DRP101Drawing - Plaster Statue, Portrait13DRS101
DRS101Drawing - Form, Still-life13 
DTG102Visual Design Tools13none
VOV114Vovinam 112 
AFA201Human Anatomy for Artis23DRP101
GDF101Fundamental of Graphic Design23 
VCM201Visual Communication23 
CAD201Water Color23DRS101
DRD201Drawing - Speed drawing23AFA201
VOV124Vovinam 222 VOV114, VOV113
SSG101Working in Group Skills23 
HOA101Art History33 
DTG301Digital Tool - Interactive33WMT201
ANC301Character Development33DRD20x
ANT401Traditional Animation Principles33ANB401
TPG202Typography 133GDF101
VOV134Vovinam 332VOV124, VOV123
PFD201Photography for Designer43 
ANB401Background Painting for Animation43ANS301
TPG301Typography 243TPG202
FE-000001Free Elective 143 
CAA201Communications and advertising53 
WDU201Principles of UX53 
ANA4013D Character Animation53ANR401
ANM3013D Modeling & Texturing (Maya)53DTG301
ANR401Introduction to Rigging53Completed ANM301 module
OJB211On the job training610 
FE-000002Free Elective 273 
HOD101Design History72 
PFL401Portfolio Design732 of 3 sets of courses 1/ GDS301 or ANT401 and ANB401, 2/ GDG401 or ANA401, 3/ GDW401 or WDT401
WDL301Web Design 173WDU201 or WMT201
WDT401Web Design 273WDL301
IPR121Intellectual Property Rights83Upper-intermediate level of English
ADH301Mobility Applications Design 183WDU201 (or WMT201)
ADT401Mobility Applications Design 283ADH301
MLN101Principles of Marxism - Leninism85 
SSC102Business Communication83ENT503 or equivalent English qualification.
VNR201Revolutionary line of CPV93HCM201, MLN101
GDP491Capstone Project910• Succeed on the job training (OJT).• Completed three / four subjects: - GDS301: Scenario Design & Animation - GDG401: 3D Animation - GDW401: Web design - GDA401: Mobility Applications Design • For K9 students: in order to choose Branding or Packaging as specialized graduated courses, the pre-requisite is Book and Packaging Design - ADG301
HCM201Ho Chi Minh Ideology92MLN101